Event Terms & Conditions

Ticket Sale & Event Attendance

AtomLAN strive to provide a functioning LAN with a reliable network and power supply. All AtomLAN infrastructure is checked and servers are appropriately patched before use, and electrical equipment has undergone PAT inspection.

We would like to make you aware that you bring your equipment to the event at your own risk, please make every effort to secure and protect your equipment and belongings, and endeavour to do the same for those of fellow event attendees where reasonable.

Please ensure to take every precaution to protect your PC and data from damage. AtomLAN and its staff hold no responsibility for the physical or digital safeguarding of your equipment, data or personal possessions.

We recommend the use of security software on your devices, including (but not limited to) Antivirus, Anti-malware and Firewall features. You also agree to not perform ANY illegal activities that make use of the AtomLAN network or infrastructure, such as copyright infringing file sharing. AtomLAN hold no responsibility for any such actions undertaken by any attendees of an event, or any further consequences incurred as a result.

AtomLAN controlled CCTV is present inside the main hall and all footage is recorded 24hrs to a private server for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety. All footage is wiped after each event if not being held under request of law enforcement/authorities.

Please report any concerns confidentially to AtomLAN staff at any time.


Refund Policy

To request a refund, please send an email to sales@atomlan.co.uk with the seat number(s) (if applicable), gamertag on the reservation(s) and the Paypal email address used for payment.  

Refunds will only be approved up until 10 days prior to the start of the event (e.g. where events start on a Friday at 12PM, refunds are only available up to 12PM on the Tuesday of the week prior). After that, no refunds are possible.