About Us

What are we? 

AtomLAN is run by a group of good friends and was originally created because of the lack of any regular local LAN events at the time. The idea was put to a games club, and a small venue found. After blowing the ring main of the small venue on the second event, it was decided to move to a more suitable venue. Enter the infamous Padworth Village Hall, the host of many local LAN parties over the years. These pre-AtomLAN events didn’t really have a name and after the first event at the new venue they were finally christened AtomLAN.

AtomLAN events provide a relatively intimate LAN experience with small numbers, creating a really welcoming, friendly and fun atmosphere. The AtomLAN team do this out of pure passion, as they love putting on these events and seeing people enjoy themselves. If you’ve never been to AtomLAN, or even a LAN before, why not take a chance and see how fun it can be! Our events are the perfect starting point for those new to the hobby due to their small and welcoming nature. Don’t worry, it’s a great social event as well, so it’s far and apart from the days of a group of nerds glued to their computer screens for a weekend.

There is also a big tabletop gaming element as well, so you don’t even need to bring a computer if you would prefer to enjoy a weekend or day of tabletop gaming with like-minded gamers.


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Who are we?

James AKA “Jimbo”
James is an experienced IT engineer with a passion for gaming. After coming to a few of the pre-AtomLAN events he became a big part of the AtomLAN team and now looks after our website as well as general admin work, plus being generally very helpful, which is nice of him.



Phil AKA “Shogun”

Phil is a BT engineer. He has been attending since the early days of AtomLAN, and after a few events stepped up to fill a hole in the team. Other than being a top bloke, Phil looks after all of our finances and bookings. How trusting of us!



Gaz AKA “Cobalt”
Gaz is a mechanical engineer by day, but by night he takes to his dremel to cut up expensive PC cases and stick as much watercooling hardware in there as possible. He likes to think of himself as the father of AtomLAN, and originally ran the pre-AtomLAN events. He now looks after our physical network and power setup. Sometimes.



Ben AKA “Anarkistic”
10301359_10152825508052007_4516021890960251276_nBen is a Senior Consultant with Citrix, and long time attendee of AtomLAN, who joined the team in early 2016 and manages the new generation of AtomLAN network and server infrastructure, as well as online hosted services. With many years experience working in enterprise environments for Citrix, Cisco and Microsoft, he provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to networking.



Where are we?

The postcode for Padworth Village hall is: RG7 4HY, and there is ample free parking on site with security lighting and CCTV.

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